Raven Silver

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This hip bag is an adjustable belt with a leg strap to keep it nice and secure. We have new straps, for replacement and for adding length!

There are pockets on pockets within pockets to hold all of the things you need to carry! The large pocket is big enough to fit a Nintendo switch or tablet, with many smaller pockets to fit phone, wallet, keys, dice...whatever it is you need with you on your adventures.

Measurement: Adjustable straps

 S: 28.5"-33"
 M: 31"-38"
 L: 34"-44.5"

Leg Straps:

 S and M: 16"-24"
 L: 17"-27"

Big pocket

 Height: 9in
 Width: 7in

Small Pocket

 Height: 5in
Width: 5in