Mishu began with a desire to create comfortable clothing for many body types. I started out in the festival world as a young woman and was frustrated by the lack of options available for women with a larger frame. I am not a plus size woman but I am not a petetie woman either. Hence, the business began. I sold all the larges and extra larges with in the first 3 shows. I then realizecd I was not alone. That many beautiful woman and men wanted a way to express themselves through clothing that was not main steam. I now carry sizes XS-XXL hoping to include more people.

My journey now has taken me into the convention, cosplay, LARP, DND, Fairy Festivals, Renaissance Faire, Viking Festivals, Metaphysical Fairs, and Pirate events. I am inspired by fantasy and history. I love the fusion of sub cultures and fantasy. I am a PNW girl so all my clothing is intentionally layered and comfortable.

You can wear an entire look or just purchase one peice to mix into your wardrobe. It is a great feeling to have something in your closet or many things that inspire you to be a little different. I enjoy making comfortable clothing that is easy to wear and still sets you apart from every one else.