Fantasy Clothing and Utility Belts

Welcome to Mishu, where imagination meets craftsmanship in the lush landscapes of the Seattle area. Our brand is dedicated to crafting enchanting attire and utility belts tailored for adventurers of the fantasy realm.

Explore our collection of distinct, comfortable clothing and utility belts designed to seamlessly blend style and functionality. Each piece is meticulously created with the wearer in mind, ensuring easy wearability without compromising on style.

From the bustling streets of Ren faires to the ethereal realms of fantasy, Mishu brings your wildest imaginings to life with every stitch. Whether you're roaming the urban landscape or delving into mystical realms, our creations are your perfect companions on any adventure.

Elevate your wardrobe with Mishu's signature blend of comfort and charm. Embrace the magic of the fantasy realm—shop now and embark on your next adventure in style!

  • Modern Renaissance

    This is the Corset skirt layered with the Lace Steampunk Top and the red Leia top. The Corset skirt has two layers and this photo is ruched to the shortest length.

    Corset Skirt 
  • Fantasy Realm

    This is the white Zenith Maxi skirt with the white Leia top and the Le Reine underbust vest.

    This is a magical etherial look.

    Zenith Maxi Skirt 
  • Nomads

    This is combintion of the same items. Both models are wearing the Wasteland Maxi dress and the desert poncho. Just a twist on the same item. Stylizing the peices makes the look.

    Desert Poncho 
  • Wasteland Pirate

    This is the Lace Petal skirt layered with lace tribal dance pants, the Scavenger top and Misfit yoga bra and paired with the Samurai pocket belt.

    Lace Petal Skirt