Rag Coat

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This classic Mishu coat has been redone and modified and then again recreated.. It is hard not to wear this coat all winter everyday!!!

This is the modern twist on an old pattern. The soft cotton loop net used is washable, warm, and easy to wear. This current model is only available in black plain or black with crochet accents. I love this coat wear it with skirts for a Gothic, vintage witch look. Pair it with leggings and boots for the sexy funky look. Honestly this is a perfect addition as it will never seem dated or out of style. Every time you wear it you are guaranteed compliments and comfort.

I honestly cannot think of any other shape which is so flattering on so many bodies. This coat does have a warning.. DO NOT WEAR INSIDE HOUSE... for if you do then you will forever want to come home on a cold winters day and snuggle into it at home.

S- Chest- 34" Arm Length- 24" Hip- 40" Length- 33"

M- Chest- 36" Arm Length- 25" Hip- 44" Length- 33"

L- Chest- 40" Arm Length- 25" Hip- 48" Length- 33"

XL- Chest- 44" Arm Length- 25" Hip- 52" Length- 33"

XXL- Chest- 46" Arm Length- 25.5" Hip- 54" Length- 34"