Kung Fu Casual

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HI-YA..Finally the sweat pant combined with a martial arts team and became our Kung- Fu casual pant!! This pant as you see throughout our website goes with anything. The comfort and fit make this pant the favorite to come home too yet the perfect look to wear out all day or night. Its hard to decide are you feeling like a an ancient trained martial artist or are you just feeling like a couch sloth?? Either way these pants are amazing!!!

BTW these pants all for all the humans not just the Men.

Measurements: (+2inches of stretch)

S: Waist-28", Hip-38", Inseams-28.5"

M: Waist-30", Hip- 39", Inseams-28.5"

L: Waist-34", Hip -42", Inseams-30"

XL: Waist-36", Hip-43", Inseams-30"