Lucid Pirate Skirt

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The pirate skirt is back, now with prints. We have made some changes which are great.. The skirt is a bit more of a higher waist and streamlines some of its layers. This helps it lay better and still keeps its flair. I do love the new prints as we have made the printed fabric in a cotton jersey. This cotton jersey stills has a lot of stretch but in an extremely soft fabric. The black is our usual nice cotton Lycra and holds its shape and form the same.

This skirt is great for summer but perfect also for fall over any leggings or tights. Pairs well with sandals as shown here and a crop top but I wear it with leggings boots and a cute sweater!! Sometimes its just fun to have a great print with sacred images to add into a gloomy fall day!!

Size Waist Hip  Length
S 27-32" 40"  19.5"
M 30-34" 42" 21.5"
L 32-36" 46" 22"
XL 34-38" 48" 22"
XXL 36-40" 50" 23"