Leather Eclipse Brass

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Finally, a truly adjustable, convertible, create-your-own style, take apart and make-your-own pocket belt! The Eclipse Bag is designed with dynamic motion in mind so you can wear and use it as you please. Two fully adjustable straps with clips on both ends gives you control and a perfect fit. Multiple rings on the top corners ensure a snugger fit and the potential for an over the shoulder bag.

Two zippered pockets on the front, one on the back, and a padded pocket with flap over on the front with D-ring detail.

Can easily fit a Kindle or a mini iPad.

Take a look at the pictures for different ways you can wear it!

The leg holster can be switched with the waist holster for a snugger fit.

Just some helpful hints.. It will take a minute for the leather to become more flexible. When your wearing the leg strap be aware when your bending or sitting a lot to keep it loose not tight on the thigh. This helps warm the leather up and become more flexible. Also when you sit you want to adjust the belt a bit so to not put as much pressure on brass.
These are my suggestions when your buy direct from a festival, shop or convention.

Strap measurements:
Short Strap: 17" - 27"
Long Strap: 27" - 48"

Pocket dimensions:
Front flap pocket: 5.5" length x 5.5" height x 1.5" width

Main zippered pocket: 6.5" length x 7" height x 1.5" width

Top zippered pocket: 7" length x 8" height