Elven Satchel Bag

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This is the Elven, Fairy satchel dream. This is a completely adjustable belt. This has a small strap which can attach to the leg the other around the waist. Your can also extend the waist strap and create a cross body small purse.
If you are petite you may use the leg strap for your waist and then wrap the leg strap twice around the leg.
This is the perfect belt and our newest and best creation :)

36-58" waist strap connected to belt.
(which means that it is on the larger size and if worn on hip must have hip 36-38" minimum)

The leg strap which can also be worn as a waist strap is 17"- 28"  
The bag measures- 10"
Which means if you want to wear the leg strap as a waist strap it will range between 27"-38"

You then would have the option to wrap waist strap twice around leg or not use the leg strap option.
We do sell small leg straps if you would like to order one. Currently it is only available in black. We are trying to make other colors soon.

Pocket 7"x6" the internal two pockets are the length and width of the bag 9"x 8"