Ruched Skirt Boho Pants V2

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Same as our well loved and adored Boho pant, but with a ruched mini skirt. Super comfy pants that feel like you are wearing skirt!

Great for the farmers market, dancing, costuming, dressing up or down and just lying around the house.

This pant is hard to beat and essential to every woman's wardrobe.


 Size measurements:

XS: Inseam:  Hip:  Waist: Length 

S: Inseam: Hip:  Waist: Length 

M: Inseam: Hip:  Waist:  Length 

L: Inseam: Hip:  Waist:  Length 

XL: Inseam: Hip:  Waist:  Length 

***Cold Water Wash, Hang Dry***