Boho Pocket Shorts

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The best shorts around are back and available in new colors. The outside over lock stitching detail can be delicate. Which means absolutely no dryer!! We recommend on all our clothing no dryer but stitch details especially. These roomy skirt like gaucho style pocket shorts are perfect all year long!! This is an item I always wear and have the old and new generation of.

Our new generation with stitch detailing and higher waist is even more comfortable then the old generation. Wearing these shorts can be dangerous because they are so cute and comfortable you want to wear them all the time. In fact one of my shorts are a permanent home short meaning its what I come home too :)

Size Waist Hip Inseam Length  Width at bottom pant Leg
S 26-30" 40" 16" 24" 40"
M 30-34" 42" 18" 26" 42"
L 32-36" 44" 19" 29" 44.5"
XL 34-38" 48" 20" 31.5" 48"
XXL 36-40" 54" 22" 32" 50"