Witches Petal Skirt

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Multi layer cotton Lycra skirt with lace trim and a pocket! Sides can lay flat or be ruched up for extra hip flair. This is a beautiful skirt which transforms any look. The different colors make the skirt versatile and transformative. The black is a darker medieval look and the green is a playful sprite. Plum is just extremely northwest bohemian. This a super stretchy and heavy skirt which I recommend you wear a bit higher on your waist for the right look. The model is wearing a size small and as you can see it rides more on her hip. The best part of a skirt like this is the different ways you can wear it. I love a good renaissance festival and this is a perfect comfy skirt to layer with your corset. Pair it with wings and your fairy costume is complete. You can layer it over skirts or pants. There is elastic in the back and this adds even more room and comfort. It nice to have a fancy costume that wears like your most comfy things.. This is a must have for all my fantasy festival friends.

 Size Waist Hip Long Length Shortest Length
S 27-34" 48" 34" 23"
M 29-36" 52" 34" 23"
L 30-38" 54" 34" 23"
XL 32-40" 56" 35" 24"
XXL 36-44" 58" 35" 24"