Shadow Dancer

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Must have for anyone who likes to go out, dress up, and just likes to look great. Is it short? YES, is it sexy? YES, is it perfect to wear over pants? YES Is it a must have for anyone who attends festivals? YES Attends conventions? YES How about anyone who just needs a little attention? YES

Well the Shadow dancer which is just a little bit more generous then the spirit dancer allows for all the girls with curves to show them off!! The snap adjustable skirt is a must have in the wardrobe it is just so easy to wear and adds so much to what could be just another day..

Don't be intimidated by the name the Shadow Dancer is a skirt you can flow in :)


S/M  -  Waist- 28-36"      Hip-40-50"      Short length- 4-6"      Long length- 14"

M/L   -  Waist- 30-40"      Hip- 42-60"     Short length- 5-7"      Long length- 15"

L/XL  -  Waist- 34-42"      Hip- 42-62"     Short length- 5-8"      Long length- 18"

XL/XXL-Waist- 36-44"      Hip- 44-68"     Short length- 6-9"      Long length- 20"