Corset Skirt

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A cotton skirt with endless possibilities, a French-Victorian modern design. Comfortable and adjustable. Wear long or gathered short. A fun, classic piece to add to your wardrobe.

Skirt laces up in the back with ribbon with a fabric panel so it can be worn fully loosened if desired. Front panel opens and closes with snaps. Gathering is fully adjustable.

**This is a high waist-ed skirt, it does not stretch, because of the volume I recommend putting it on over the head. If you would like to wear it low then please follow the measurements according to wear you would like the skirt to fall**


Size Measurement

S: Waist upper-28" lower-32" Length-36"

M: Waist upper-32" lower-33" Length 38"

L: Waist upper-33" lower-36" Length 38"

XL: Waist upper- 34" lower-38" Length 38"

XXL:Waist upper-36" lower-44" Length 38"


***Cold Water Wash, Hang Dry***