Tuxedo Jacket

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The circus meets the city.. this soft cotton loop net sweatshirt material which combines the ring leader with the PNW. This jacket has great applique detail on the hood and the body of the jacket. This jacket is a great fit, long sleeves and tails:)

This jacket is a niche style and not for everyone but it looks great on most people. It is great for festivals, conventions, and performers. Made of 100% cotton you can even spin fire in this tuxedo jacket..

The ring leader rises up in Mishu tuxedo jacket.

S- Arm Length- 25.5 Chest- 34" Length Front- 14" Length Tail- 36"

M- Arm Length- 25.5 Chest- 36" Length Front- 15" Length Tail- 37"

L- Arm Length- 25.5 Chest- 38" Length Front- 15" Length Tail- 38"

XL- Arm Length- 26 Chest- 42" Length Front- 16" Length Tail- 39"