Mishu's journey began in 2000 with a simple desire: to create comfortable clothing for individuals of all body types. Immersed in the festival world as a young woman, I witnessed firsthand the frustration of limited options. While my own identity doesn't neatly fit into the categories of plus size or petite, I deeply empathized with the need for inclusive designs. Thus, Mishu was born.

The response was immediate and overwhelming. At my first three shows, every  item sold out quickly. It became evident that many others shared my desire for clothing that didn't conform to mainstream standards. In response, I expanded my range, striving to welcome even more individuals into the Mishu community.

My journey has since led me through a diverse array of events, from conventions and cosplay gatherings to LARP sessions and Renaissance Faires. Inspired by fantasy and history, I embrace the fusion of subcultures and the enchantment of the PNW (Pacific Northwest), infusing every design with intentional layers and comfort.

At the heart of Mishu is a belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in what they wear. I care deeply about creating clothing that empowers individuals to embrace their uniqueness and radiate their inner beauty.

Whether you're attending a themed event or seeking everyday attire with a touch of whimsy, Mishu offers versatile pieces that can be worn as standalone statements or integrated seamlessly into your wardrobe. There's a special joy in owning clothing that reflects your individuality, and I take pride in creating garments that are both comfortable and uniquely you.