Zip Hood Sweatshirt Vest

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On your mark get set go..
This versatile easy to wear vest combines with anything. The zip off hood makes it easy to switch looks with a simple zip.
The adjustable back allows for layering, growing or shrinking the top easily.
This vest can be worn with legging, added to a corset skirt (see instagram pictures).
This is made from a sweatshirt style knit so it does have some give unlike or woven fabric model.
If your a rock star, fire dancer, Xena warrior, or just a person who loves a simple way to spice up simple items this is the vest for you :)

Remember adjustable back so more skin smaller size less skin go up a size!

S- fits size 0-4

S/M- fits size 4-6

M- fits size 6-8

L- fits size 8-12

XL- fits size 12-16